How to Use

Watch this brief video to see how straightforward it is to use TrudhesaTM3,4

Patients should follow complete Instructions for Use, provided with product.

TITLE: Be Direct

VOICEOVER: Ok, are you having a migraine attack? Time to be direct. Let’s go. De-box and determine that everything is in good shape. It looks good to me. Next, you install. Just be careful, it can be a little sharp. Well, R is for ready. You ready the POD by priming it. You press firmly 4 times. This is very important. Looks like it’s ready. Now you engage the POD to the nose, and you press like you’re priming. It’s nice and gentle. Now complete your dose in the other nostril. Last step, T is for toss. Get rid of it, throw it away, you do not need it. You only use it once. That’s it! You have a migraine attack? Be direct. And don’t forget to check out these. Stay tuned for the Important Safety Information. For complete administration information, please see the Instruction for Use sheet that comes in each box of Trudhesa.


See the step-by-step instructions for use included with every prescription of Trudhesa.

Determine everything is good to go

Install vial and POD together

Ready POD by priming

Engage POD to nose

Complete your dose with 1 spray per nostril

Toss as it can only be used once

How to Prescribe

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