POD®: Beyond just another nasal spray

Featuring Peter McAllister, MD, FAAN*

Watch video. Still of Peter McAllister, MD, FAAN, speaking about using POD® technology and how it differs from other nasal sprays

TITLE: How is POD® any different from traditional nasal sprays?

Peter McAllister, MD, FAAN: Some of you may have heard about Trudhesa DHE nasal spray and thought that no different from other traditional DHE nasal sprays.

The truth is, unlike traditional nasal sprays, Trudhesa uses Precision Olfactory Delivery, or POD, technology to gently and consistently deliver DHE to the upper nasal space.

In the past, this space in the nasal cavity has been difficult to consistently access, but POD uses manually actuated propellant to deliver DHE to this area.

What does this mean for your patients?

The upper nasal space is highly permeable. Delivery to this space allows the drug to enter the bloodstream quickly and increases bioavailability compared to traditional DHE nasal spray, creating an opportunity for rapid uptake and rapid relief.

Consider too that most patients with migraine may have gastric dysmotility, which includes delayed emptying of the stomach and may affect approximately 80% of patients with migraine. 80%!

Think of your patients who experience nausea and vomiting. A non-oral route of administration can avoid GI tract degradation and first-pass metabolism to provide rapid, reliable relief patients need.

Now think of Trudhesa, which is different from anything we’ve seen before because of where it is delivered and how quickly and consistently it works.

Trudhesa is able to circumvent GI issues, and with the advanced technology of POD, Trudhesa is able to deliver medication to the optimal upper nasal space for rapid, consistent absorption of highly effective DHE.

For patients with migraine who experience nausea and other GI issues, consider Trudhesa to deliver rapid, reliable relief.

Want to give your patients proven DHE with high-tech delivery?


*Paid consultant of Impel Pharmaceuticals Inc.